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​About Us 


We, cheer always keep providing imported items to Japanese customers by jumping over the hurdle such as import related laws and languages with our strong team structure. 


Also, we support overseas manufacturers who wish to expand their business in Japan in order for them to make the sales to be in Japan. 


~ As a Distributor~


We are a distributor in Japan mainly does both ways such as B to B or B to C. 


As a distributor, we handle the German manufacturer's FLSK. We do sales it in the actual store such as volume retailer and Knickknack shop. We do sales in our own EC at the same time too. We promote the brand recognition and increase sales at the same as well. 


【About the handled brand】


~Supporting overseas manufacturers to expand their business in Japan~


We provide a support by utilizing connections with Japanese buyers and the success of the launch by using crowdfunding in Japan in order for overseas manufacturers who do not have sales experience in Japan, to start doing sales easily. 


【About supporting overseas manufacturers who expand their business in Japan 】


Company Profile

cheer charmer inc.


*CEO  Sumika Kida

*Location of head office

2-28-10, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo,150-0013, Japan



*Business lineup

Import, Sales, Marketing

Importing daily goods and gift items mainly from Europe
wholesale distributor business
Item page production agency business 
Supporting overseas manufacturers to expand their business in Japan